From the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: The North American Renewable Integration Study (NARIS) assesses opportunities to modernize and decarbonize the North American power system through the integrated planning and operation of generation and transmission infrastructu

United States Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm and Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan today held a bilateral meeting to launch a new updated and revised Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that reinvigorates and expands energy cooperation between their departments, acceler

The U.S. and Canadian electric power grids are connected through 37 major transmission lines from New England to the Pacific Northwest. The interconnected North American power grid provides numerous benefits for Canada and the United States, including enhanced electric reliability, security, afforda

States in the Northeastern U.S. can transition to low-carbon electricity at a lower cost by using hydropower reservoirs in Quebec for energy storage, says a new MIT study. Countering conventional wisdom, the study argues that Quebec’s hydropower reservoirs are best seen by Northeastern states as..